Past Gatherings

2018 Laurel Day.
Enjoy this video: or call 503-858-3636




Gathering Musicians

Bike Event
Riders taking off!

P1100904P1100907P1100905Bud Hutchinson tells Laurel History 2013P1100911Ruby VineyardGathering placeLaurel Bike, Run, Walk, EventMtn Hood View RubyRuby Vineyard Laurel Gathering Potluck 20132014b2014c2014a2014d2014f2014e?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????group4???????????????????????????????potluckgroup4More dancersgroup2group3dancersPotluck canopyBob and CathyRuby 2RubyRuby Vineyard shotLaurel Community Gathering 2016Laurel-112Laurel-020Laurel-0214th annual Laurel Day 2016 flyer with new
IMG_2055IMG_2056IMG_2062IMG_2101IMG_2103IMG_2102IMG2089IMG2087IMG2081IMG2080IMG2077IMG2073IMG2079IMG2090IMG2086IMG2071IMG2084IMG2106IMG2100IMG2101IMG2099IMG2098IMG2097IMG2094IMG2092IMG2064IMG2059IMG2045IMG2060IMG2068IMG2035IMG2058IMG2051IMG2050IMG0028IMG2069IMG2067Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.41.25 AMCinco de mayoThe stage almost readyThe Party, The peoplePatty Hart Laurel Hall PresidentLine DancingBefore the party startedJust getting startedJust getting startedIMG_0813
Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 8.37.46 PM
Laurel Ladies welcome poemVolunteer ServersIMG_0813Making the decorationsLaurel Book-0104Laurel Book-0008
IMG_0807IMG_0813IMG_0812Beautiful evening at Ruby Vineyard with owners Steve and Flora.Flora with her three little pigs!IMG_3224Sign for August 19Sign for August 19

Laurel Book-Rear-003
The had made quilt squares were sewn together for this “Our Hearts Are In Laurel” quilt. This quilt was sold to pay for some of the cost to create the history book.

Laurel Book-0006Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 2.07.08 PMLaureldays_back2017 (1)Laureldays_front2017

Laurel Hall Home Club Board Treasurer, recieves check from Ladies of Laurel treasurer from Cinco De Mayo Fundraiser for $2055. on June 9, 2017.

Cinco De Mayo Raised $2055. for removal of old chimney!

Ladies of Laurel and the Laurel Community Home Club Board Treasurers

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