2020 in Review L.O.L.

2020’s worldwide Covid-19 epidemic hindered everyone’s social life, including our Ladies of Laurel. In 2020, February 7th’s pot luck at a member’s home was an in-person gathering of the club. After that, they met online a bit. Notable was July’s social, an online gathering with a topic of “Pollinators.” Via Zoom, participants enjoyed seeing Sierra and Holly don protective gear to show us multiple bee hives up close and personal. Thank you, members, for sticking with us until people feel safer to meet in person. The LOL Board looks forward to a better 2021. After that, also look forward to the 100th anniversary of the Laurel Hall in our community. Stay tuned! 😀

Oct. 5, Laurel Fest was a blast!

October 5, was an awesome community evening! Food, drink, music, dancing, kids playing, parents and neighbors visiting…weather was perfect too!  Thank you to so many people like:  Tim who played the guitar and sang all night in the garden, Ex Nova Brewing Co keg donation, Chris and Les for their beer donations, Jeremy for the Cider donation,  14 families who made chili, the 12 cornbread bakers, Tami who taught line dancing,  the “Ladies of Laurel” who set up and cleaned up and organized, Laurel Home Club Board which supports community events, the Denfelds who let us park over at the Laurel Store….We live in great place called Laurel and it is more than home; it is community!

7th annual Laurel Day Event Winners List

Our 7th Annual Laurel Day was Awsome!

We had over 700 people attend as spectators!


7thAnnual Laurel Day Winners:

August 17, 2019

BEST IN SHOWCar No. 101             1962 Red Corvette                                    

Sonny Martin, Aloha                                                                                            

BEST IN SHOW RUNNER UPCar No.  115`           1961 Chevy Bubble Top                          

Ken Gratteri, Hillsboro                                                                                                    


Car No.  114             2005 Chevy SSR                                         Steve & Sharon Flock, Beaverton  


Car No. 104             1957 Chevy 210                                          Don & Kathy Gilbert                                                                                            


Car No. 136             1951 Chevy 3100 Pickup                          Brian Sheppard, Sherwood                                                                                                       


Car No. 103             1978 Alfa Romero Custom Spider         Glen Dolphin                                                                                             


Car No.  204             1968 Mustang Convertible                      Tom Goodrich, Battleground WA                                                                                            


Car No. 149             1971 Red & White Corvette                     Bob Taylor, Sherwood                


Car No.  158            1962 White Chrysler 300                          Julie Kidwell, Gaston                                                                                          


Car No.  110            BMW                                                              Daryl Hollis, Hillsboro                                                                                         


Car No.  146             1966 Corvette                                              Duffy Herman, Sherwood

 TOP TOP DOWN(Best Convertible)

Car No.  170             1928 Model A Ford                                    Jerry & Yvonne Kresal, North Plains


Car No. 150              1964 Red Pontiac GTO                             Jason Taylor, Sherwood                                                                                     


Car No. 184              1970 Chevy Monte Carlo                          Mr. & Mrs. Dave Fast, Beaverton                                                                                             


Car No.  110             1957 BMW R69                                           Daryl Hollis, Hillsboro                                                                                         


Car No.  125             1955 Chevy Gasser                                   Bruce Rosenberg, Aloha                                                                                               

 007 BACK UP CAR (Shaken not stirred)

Car No. 176             1968 Red Jaguar E Type                          Al & Neva, Hillsboro                                                                                            


Car No. 154              1955 Yellow Chevy Nomad                     Sherry Kimball, Hillsboro                                                                                              


Car No. 123              1965 Thunderbird Special Landau        Don Misener                                                                                              


Car No. 211             1966 Cadillac de Ville                               Drew Crum, Hillsboro                                                                                                     


Car No. 187              1934 Hudson Terraplane Victoria          Larry Jones, Beaverton                                                                                                  


Car No. 193             1954 GMC Pickup                                      Thea Long, Hillsboro                                                                                          


Car No. 113              1931 Chevy 2-Door Sedan                       Paul Schmidt, Carlton                                                                                                     


Car No. 199             1959 Desoto Fireflite                                 Troy & Mary Ceballos, Hillsboro                                                                                              


Car No. 126             1957 Chevy 150 Gasser                           Keith Summey, Forest Grove


Car No. 171             1966 Dodge Polara                                    Jason Meeks, Cornelius                                                                                                 


Car No. 118             1928 Ford Roadster                                   Jim Sandlin, Beaverton                                                                                                  

 FIXIN’ TO SHOW (Unfinished)

Car No.  145             1954 Green Chevy 3100 Pickup             Daryll & Suzanne Fisher, Woodburn                                                                                      


Car No. 196              1976 AMC Pacer                                         Pat Barnes, Portland                               


Car No. 129             1984 Peterbilt                                              Matt Lattig, Vancouver WA                                                                                            




Visit : https://laurelchurch.com/laurel-day-1

You can participate by just coming! Options: drive your vehicle into the classic car show, set up a Farmers Market Booth, submit a home made pie to the community contest…!


All vehicle questions to Janet and Dusty: pwmachine@aol.com 

Farmers Market Booth questions Debi: debilorence@gmail.com

Volunteer questions Velma: velmameares@gmail.com

Laurel Social Hall garden ready for you to enjoy! July 20th we will have a building clean up day.

Laurel’s Community Garden has wrapped up! We are now in the stage of just keeping it watered, and asking for you to come by and enjoy the space.  Please help us by keeping pets and herbicide sprays out of the garden.  The flowers planted by many hands can not handle urine or sprays :(. Call Debi anytime with questions: 503-858-3636

Your local businesses that have generously donated to the garden:

“Scholls Lawncare and Landscape”our new patio, : http://www.schollslawncareandlandscape.com

River Oak Farm, a truck load of plants 8335 SW River road, sells retail.

Denfeld Family, the Laurel hedge, and all the smoothing of 4 loads of gravel for parking, the brick for the walkways (from the buildings old chimney), all the nut shells for the walk ways. https://www.laurelfoods.com/aboutus

Yerbas Buena, all the potting soil, 46 tractor bucket loads and counting…Jake put in the outside water hook up for the garden too.

Chehalem Mountain Pottery, painted the artwork hanging on the building, and truck loads of compost. http://chehalemmountainpottery.com

Lorence Brothers Construction built the box for the art work.

Miller Paint Co. 6071 SW 185th, (off Farmington), donated paint for the art work

April Flowers: trellis and hidden painted rocks through out the garden

La Grand Petit Jarden, plants and labor, http://www.legrandpetitjardin.com

The Synder’s: Trailer loads of compost, plants, created the caterpillar propane tank, painted the rain barrel, put in all the drip water system for the garden!

Little Red Wagon, 14900 Sw Hillsboro Hwy, plants

Monkey Tree Falling: Cedar Chips

Ellerbrook Nursery, 21 trees (ever green and maples).

Herb Hill Farms, rocks!

Individuals from Laurel: Paul and Cheri Meek, Walt, Debi, Nicole Lorence, Ed and Patty Harty, Carl Denfeld, Paul Denfeld and grand kids, Jake Clubine, Rebecca Snyder, Aprile Penhall, Lehne Family, Becky Curl and kids, Bud Hutchinson, Amy Wachsmuth, Joanna Guzzetta, Ross Romero, Barbie and Jon Ellerbrook, Marcia Loney, Jacob Harkness, and Alan Stohler!

Contact Debi Lorence with an questions: 503-858-3636

 Laurel Community Garden making great progress!

The art in the garden!

The Laurel Hall Board of Directors wrote and received a grant from the Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation for $5,000.

Laurel Social Hall located: 30366 SW Laurel Road 


    • Ed and Patty Harty went and picked up the galvanized containers at Wilco for planter boxes.
    • Local Midway Nursery “Little Red Wagon” delivered the plants for the garden boxes(west side of the building).
    • Paul Denfeld brought his equipment over to level the parking lot 2 times before and after the new gravel and filled the new planter boxes too!
    • Bud Hutchinson donated over a dozen Boston Ferns and some Oregon Grape too!
    • Neighbors, from Yerba Buena Preston, Jake, and Steve came over and removed the old nasty wire fence and posts…and random pieces of concrete found too!
    • The backyard space till/plowed by Rick  Rogowski, neighbor.
    • Jake Clubine came back over and created berm areas for the property hedgerows, and brought compost too.
    • Paul and Chris Denfeld will be donating the Laurel Hedgerow plants for the 168-foot east side property line.
    • Becky Snyder delivered a trailer full of compost and will be helping with plant orders and placement. Snyder’s are donating the hedgerow south side.
    • More gravel brought in, 4 truck loads so far!
    • February 23rd, was our first garden meeting. We looked at the design, created a plant list, started to formalize plans and next steps.
    • Debi starts collecting bids and materials lists for signage, fencing, and underlining path work.
    • Debi, painted Garden signs for location.
    • Plant list created, still in need of many more perennials, and fruit trees too!
    • Quilt Block created by Walt Lorence, brought to artist Debi Nelson for painting.
      • Partnering with Miller Paint Farmington road, they donated the primer for the new 5 x 5 garden sign art to be hung Southside. To be hung March 30th.
    • March 25-27 Propane tank painted by local artist: Donna Clark and Becky Snyder.
    • March 28, Carl and Debi relaid out the patio and pathways, moving everything to the south west side of the garden.
    • March 29, the border berm was shoveled in and 60 Oregon grapes planted in the berm, along with ferns too. The ground work for the patio and pathways was dug and shoveled in compost was spread and blend into the berm, and the garden art work was hung. Debi and Larry brought over a truck load of compost.
    • March 28 and 29th, Nathan Vial brought over his equipment, team and resources “Scholls Lawncare and Landscape” to help lay the foundation for the patio and pathways!  HUGE thank you for his expertise and time!
    • March 30th, OFFICIAL Community Garden Day: 90 Oregon natives planted, flowering perennials planted, pavers laid and cut into a circle, south side of building repair painting done, 3 flower boxes put together, bricks from the old chimney brought over from being stored for 2 years, more compost delivered, and everything got watered in!
    • March 31st, sand put into the pavers, extra sand shoveled into garden containers; 30 more plants put in; planted boxes painted; brick pavers put onto three pathways;  9 stumps dug in for outside circle for students.
    • April 8, planted 6 mature snowberry and currant bushes on tree line to start the new woodland area. Looking for “wood chips and pic-nic table benches”for this park setting.
    • April 13 and 14, second Community work day: brick pathways and lining the front mound with bricks (1/2 way done); children garden boxes filled (still need one filled), planted seeds for flowers, trimming winter dead branches off of the plants, 75 more plants donated and purchased and planted, cedar chips brought in for the extended woodland area, Jake brought over 4 tractor loads of potting soil (could not have done this project without him), Laurel kids came and painted signs, filled their garden boxes and planted, neighbor brought by painted garden rocks and secretly hide them for children to find.
    • April 15, five Maples donated and planted, stumps dug in the woodland area, and large branches cut back!
    • April 17th, Debi delivers rain barrel to garden.
    • May 13, Jacob Harkness does rain barrel installation.
    • May 14, Jacob and Debi unload a trailer of hazel nut shells, donated from Denfeld’s.
    • May 15, more trees planted, areas cleaned up, grass cutting Ross Romero and Debi Lorence.
    • Herb Hill Farms rock delivered to finish off parking and behind building.

April 23, 24 more trees planted and bricks placed around mounded plants. Drip irrigation started. rocks to be donated identified and plans are being made to how to get them to the Garden.

Everyone is welcome and needed, if you would like to be involved in any way, contact Project lead Debi Lorence at 503-858-3636

The grant will help support:  Creating an outside habitat for pollinators, beneficial insects, community gardens, water-wise landscape, garden boxes and a hedgerow to cover the neighbor’s fence line.

Our focus will be the property lines, creating a natural hedgerow, developing a native garden area in the back 70 ft by 70ft, and some community garden boxes too. If you want to help, have plants, materials or time to donate please let us know. We all want to see this building site improved and used more for your family events! Call for more  information: Debi Lorence: 503-858-3636

Property Dimensions are:
168 feet long east side from the north easement south.
165 feet long west side (by the trees and apartment) measured center of the road.
138 feet east to west long.
75 feet wide from west side building to the trees which is basically the parking area.

The hall building is 35 ft wide and 90 ft long.



IMG_4348IMG_4346IMG_4349hall w: denfeld leveling gravelbackyard to be planned and developed

garden containers
Garden containers west side

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 11.59.12 amlaurel hall building left side to be planted.

Coming August 17th, 2019 Seventh Annual “Laurel Day”, in 2018 we had over 700 came out to the events​!

Enjoy this video:


Classic Car and Truck Show  Farmers Market, Kids Games, Pie Contest, History Tour, barbeque and more! 

9:00-1pm Location Laurel Community Church

Local Sponsors for the Car Event and Free Barbeque:

Our local sponsors for the car show include:
  • Bob Lanphere, Jr.-Lanphere Auto Group
  • Dale Kuehn-Crosspoint NW Auto Auctions
  • Mike Lux-Columbia Empire Meats
  • Ken Gratteri
  • Ruby Vineyard and Winery
  • Benza Vineyard and Winery
  • Midway Firehouse Pizza
  • Nonna Emilia Ristorante Italiano
  • Patty Harty-Laurel Hall
  • Sean Denfeld-Denfeld Family


Winners of the Car Show:


 1stPlace        1957 Oldsmobile 98 Starfire       Ned Cutright

 Runner Up     1962 Chevy Impala SS 409          Ken Gratteri


 1stPlace      1922 Ford “T” Center Door          Don & Kathy Gilbert

  Runner Up    1949 Dodge PU                               Terry Bigam


 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe                             Mike & Kellie Schoen


 1951 Chevy 3100                                                         Brian Sheppard


1967 Triumph                                                                 Bruce Warner


5:00-9pm Family Pic Nic on the Lawn Potluck.  Shade, music,  dancing, and meeting neighbors.

Live music: http://www.danabrahamsonmusic.com

Location Chehalem Mountain Pottery



ladiesoflaurelsocialclub@gmail.com or call 503-858-3636