Laurel Hall Building 1923 To rent, contact RESTORELAUREL.COM

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Gather locally at the Laurel Hall.

The Laurel Hall is home to Laurel Community Home Club, which was founded in 1923. The Laurel Hall was built in 1924 with  the efforts of community members, who held local community fundraiser events such as dances, pot luck dinners, and basketball games.  

The purpose of Laurel Hall is “To Promote Sociability and Friendship Amongst Its Members and All the People of the Laurel Community.”

The growth of Laurel’s population is generating renewed interest to increase use the hall for its  original purpose again, sociability and friendship.  You can easily rent the Hall Building.  Find us at RESTORELAUREL.COM

Laurel Hall’s upstairs is perfect for a dance party, movie night, birthday social, meetings. Tables and chairs are onsite and can be used and set up for up to 100 people.  Wi-Fi is available through our local network UpWardAccess.   Eating is allowed downstairs, and renters have use of a full refrigerator, cook stove, and serving utensils there. 

Since 1977, a dance school has routinely rented Laurel Hall.  Laurel Valley School of Dance Art is  still teaching students of all ages today!  Their mission is to offer classes in classical ballet, lyrical, jazz, and tap for all ages and levels.  Find them at